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Sit Strong Systems | Exercise Chair

7007 Series

The Sit Strong Systems resistance chair is a premium 3 - Position Recliner and Resistance Band Workout Center

Hidden inside each SSS exercise/resistance chair are 15 exercise bands, with three resistance levels, allowing you to perform over 40 resistance exercises.

The flexible Sit Strong Systems exercise bands are located in 5 positions throughout our chair, allowing you to provide resistance from any number of directions and to work every muscle group in the body.

Unlike other exercise tools, Sit Strong Systems resistance bands are easy on the joints, because the tension remains constant during the entire motion of exercise.

These exercises have been designed to be performed while sitting, reclining, or standing along side of the chair.

When you have completed your exercise session, simply convert your Sit Strong Systems exercise/resistance chair back to a standard chair by repositioning the bustle back headrest and arm pads.

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Exercise Chair | Patient Therapy Chairs & Outlet